Malteser Foreign Aid: Volunteer abroad

As part of the Malteser Foreign Aid, many dedicated volunteers work to help people in need, with our commitment extending far beyond European borders. Supporting foreign partners lies at the heart of our work, having spent decades fostering close relationships with them. 

The Malteser Foreign Aid is an integral part of our cooperation with Malteser Hilfsdienst Germany’s international partners. The Malteser Foreign Aid enables anyone who is interested to join our international partners on both short or long-term missions and provide help where it is needed most. 

Around 1,450 Malteser volunteers work in the Foreign Aid in Germany today, with roughly 86 locations nationwide and almost 140 foreign partnerships. They take on several hundred missions abroad every year.  

Our services

The Malteser Foreign Aid always considers the individual needs and context of each project and partnership. Communication on an equal footing between the Malteser workers in Germany and our foreign partners is key. 

One of our greatest strength lies in our regional expertise, which we have built up over decades of collaboration with our project partners. This allows us to identify specific emergencies, develop individual solutions as well as provide help as quickly as possible together. 
We take care of communication with partners and advise groups and individuals depending on their specific circumstances requirements. Our volunteers can also count on us for ​​logistics. We similarly support all our nationwide Malteser locations in establishing partnerships and much more! 

We offer

  • Knowledge transfer from many years of experience 
  • Professional handling of aid transports 
  • Promoting exchange between Malteser in Germany and partner countries from a material, technical as well as collegial perspective 
  • Needs-based financial support for partner projects 
  • Development of new and existing projects and partnerships – such as in the area of ​​youth work 

FAQs about the Malteser Foreign Aid

Where is the Malteser Foreign Aid active? 

Where is the Malteser Foreign Aid active? 

While our focus in the past has been on cooperating with partners in Central and Eastern Europe, our network is constantly growing. We are now also work with an increasing number of countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 

The Malteser Foreign Aid is active in the following countries: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Chile, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Kosovo, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Hungary. 

The Malteser Foreign Aid also works hand in hand with Malteser International, the global humanitarian aid organisation of the Sovereign Order of Malta. 

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How can I volunteer for the Malteser Foreign Aid? 

How can I volunteer for the Malteser Foreign Aid? 

Anyone who would like to volunteer for Malteser abroad can do so through the Malteser Foreign Aid. 

There are two options: long-term volunteering in cooperation with one of the Malteser Hilfsdienst locations in Germany or temporary volunteering assignments within our Malteser Volunteers program

We offer numerous opportunities for international internships as well as exchange and study trips, where anyone interested can gain international experience, develop intercultural skills and broaden their horizons. 

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How can Malteser Hilfsdienst locations in Germany become part of the Malteser Foreign Aid? 

How can Malteser Hilfsdienst locations in Germany become part of the Malteser Foreign Aid? 

Our Foreign Aid offers Malteser locations in Germany numerous support options! Contact us – we will do our best to help you in your commitment abroad and provide intensive support along the way! 

With our experience, we can help on many different levels: We support the development of new activities abroad, from identifying needs and planning projects to providing resources. We also offer the opportunity to participate in existing projects, which in turn also promotes interaction and cooperation between the various Malteser locations.  

The Foreign Aid acts as an intermediary for Malteser locations in Germany and abroad to find suitable partners for specific projects. 

In addition, we promote the exchange between the Malteser in Germany and our foreign partners in regular international partnership meetings. This strengthens ties and paves the way for sustainable collaborations. A central part of our support is advice and collegial exchange. We support Malteser Hilfsdienst locations with our specialist knowledge and experience so we can provide them with the best possible support in their work abroad. 

We take part in numerous fundraising activities to secure financial resources for our projects and we offer advice and assistance in obtaining funds so that projects can be realized.   

I know about a great project abroad – is it possible to cooperate?  

I know about a great project abroad – is it possible to cooperate?  

If you know of a promising project abroad and are looking for opportunities to cooperate, then you have come to the right place with Malteser Foreign Aid! 

We look into and consider the projects that are proposed to us very carefully so that we can lend support in a way that creates synergy effects at the same time as ensuring targeted and sustainable implementation. We will find a Malteser location in Germany that matches the project and is able to provide long-term, sustainable support instead of just short-term assistance. The transfer of knowledge between the Malteser locations in Germany and our partners is an important aspect so that everyone can benefit from shared experiences.  

How can I donate? Is it possible to donate material goods? 

How can I donate? Is it possible to donate material goods? 

In order to ensure that our material donations meet the actual needs of the people in the partner countries affected, it is vital that we coordinate donations with on-site needs. Please understand that we are therefore not able to accept all material donations.   

We are more than happy to speak to you personally and answer any questions you may have! 

We are more than happy to speak to you personally and answer any questions you may have! 

Malteser Volunteers: Our volunteer program for individuals, clubs, groups and communities 

As part of the Malteser Volunteers program, you will be able to gain intercultural experience without having to provide any special previous experience or knowledge. By working on short assignments through our operations with foreign partner organisations, you will experience close cooperation, friendship as well as a sense of community. You will also benefit from our comprehensive support services.  

For our volunteers we offer: 

  • Qualification programmes such as seminars, conferences and guidelines 
  • Advice and exchange 
  • A strong connection across borders and a strong sense of community 
  • Extensive sharing of knowledge 
  • The opportunity to make friends 
  • The chance to broaden your horizons 
  • Numerous options for international volunteer cooperation and youth exchange  

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Head of Foreign Aid Desk 
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Our commitment

Examples of the partnerships and aid projects of the Malteser Foreign Aid

Romania – Cluj-Napoca kindergarten

The Malteser Hilfsdienst in Germany, especially the Malteser in the Diocese of Trier, have been providing financial, material and personnel support to the Malteser kindergarten in Cluj-Napoca for more than three decades. Our staff cares for around 30 children with neuromotor disorders. 

Ukraine – Soup kitchen in Lviv 

With support from Germany, the Ukrainian Malteser have been offering warm meals to people in need in Lviv for more than 30 years. This service is particularly important in the current times of war, with many people in need of help due to the ongoing conflict. 

Latvia – Help for Ukrainians seeking protection in Riga 

The geopolitical impact of the conflict in Ukraine is also being felt in countries like Latvia. Many people are seeking protection there and are looked after by the Latvian Malteser. The Malteser Hilfsdienst from Germany offers organisational, logistical and technical support. 

Croatia – Construction of wooden houses in Petrinja for earthquake victims 

Natural disasters are unfortunately becoming more and more common and pose increasing challenges. The Maltesers are therefore currently involved in building sustainable wooden houses for the population affected by earthquakes in Croatia.